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why are you completely re-doing the layout of the site

re: why are you chan...

nothing is wrong; I was just wondering why everything was different all of a sudden. Lots of page renames and re-organization I wasn't expecting. I was freaking out - nevermind, thanks for working on the wiki so much I appreciate it.

re: re: why are you chan...

No I wasn't involved in the other wikis, although I used them a lot. I am hosting the server/domain name though, for this one; I made the crap front page in 4 hours yesterday, so I was just a bit alarmed when someone else sort of grabbed the steering wheel, so to speak

re: re: re: why are you chan...

No, it is on server space I have had since 2006 and running next to a lot of other websites, so don't worry about costs. For me, it is faster than shoutwiki (and hopefully a lot more stable!) It also has CloudFlare enabled, so if the server goes down, users should still be able to view a cached/read-only version of the wiki.