Unit Unlocking Guide

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Unit Evolutions

Universal Century

Future Century

After Colony / Mars Century

After War

Cosmic Era

Anno Domini

Advanced Generation


  • Gunpla Builders 100%
  • Game Originals
  • Musha Gundam: Unlocked by combining Master Phoenix Gundam with any main storyline Gundam.
    • Musha Gundam MKII and Shin Knight Gundam evolve from Musha Gundam.
  • Turn A Gundam(Dark History): Unlocked by combining Turn A Gundam(Awakened) with any of the Halphas Line

Pilot Custom Suits

Pilot Custom Suits are normal units that transform into another unit so long as a certain pilot is seated in it. New to this game, Custom Suits can also be unlocked through Combinations.

  • Dopp with Garma Zabi -> Dopp (Garma Custom)
  • Zaku II with Char Aznable/Quattro Bajeena -> Zaku II (Char Custom)
  • Z'Gok with Char Aznable/Quattro Bajeena -> Z'Gok (Char Custom)
  • Gelgoog with Char Aznable/Quattro Bajeena -> Gelgoog (Char Custom)
  • Gelgoog with Anavel Gato -> Gelgoog (Gato Custom)
  • Gelgoog with Herbert von Kuspen -> Gelgoog (Kuspen Custom)
  • Gaza-C with Haman Karn -> Gaza-C (Haman Custom)
  • Geara Doga with Rezun Schnyder -> Geara Doga (Rezun Custom)
  • Geara Zulu with Angelo Sauper -> Geara Zulu (Angelo Custom)
  • Batara with Barnes Gernsback -> Batara (Barnes Custom)
  • Zolo with Cronicle Asher -> Zolo (Cronicle Custom)
  • Aries with Lucrezia Noin -> Aries (Noin Type)
  • Crouda with Lancerow Dawell -> Crouda (Lancerow Type)
  • GINN with Elijah Kiel -> GINN (Kiel Custom)
  • ZAKU Warrior/Blaze ZAKU Warrior with Lunamaria Hawke -> Gunner ZAKU Warrior (Lunamaria Type)
  • ZAKU Phantom/Blaze ZAKU Phantom with Rey Za Burrel -> Blaze ZAKU Phantom (Rey Type)
  • ZAKU Phantom/Blaze ZAKU Phantom with Yzak Joule -> Slash ZAKU Phantom (Yzak Type)
  • ZAKU Phantom/Blaze ZAKU Phantom with Dearka Elsman -> Blaze ZAKU Phantom (Dearka Type)
  • GOUF Ignited with Yzak Joule -> GOUF Ignited (Yzak Type)
  • Gaia Gundam with Andrew Waltfeld -> Gaia Gundam (Waltfeld Type)
  • Windam with Neo Roanoke/Mwu La Flaga -> Windam (Neo Type)
  • Murasame with Andrew Waltfeld -> Murasame (Waltfeld Type)
  • Union Flag with Graham Aker -> Union Flag Custom (Graham Custom)
  • AEU Enact with Ali-al Saachez -> AEU Enact Custom (Saachez Custom)
  • Dom/Rick Dom with Char Aznable/Quattro Bajeena -> Rick Dom (Char Custom)
  • Gelgoog with Erik Blanke -> Gelgoog (Blanke Custom)
  • Gelgoog J with Shin Matsunaga -> Gelgoog J (Matsunaga Custom)
  • Zaku II with Garma Zabi -> Zaku II (Garma Custom)
  • Zaku II High Mobility Type with Shin Matsunaga -> Zaku II High Mobility Type (Matsunaga Custom)
  • Zaku II High Mobility Type with Johnny Ridden -> Zaku II High Mobility Type (Ridden Custom)
  • Gelgoog with Johnny Ridden -> Gelgoog High Mobility Type (Ridden Custom)

Leader Units

Leader Units are units that transform when put as a Leader of a Team or as a Master Unit of the Group.

  • Zaku II -> Zaku II Commander Type
  • Zaku II High Mobility Type -> Zaku II High Mobility Commander Type
  • Gelgoog -> Gelgoog Commander Type
  • Zaku FZ -> Zaku FZ Commander Type
  • Geara Doga -> Geara Doga Commander Type
  • RF Zaku -> RF Zaku Commander Type
  • RF Gelgoog -> RF Gelgoog Commander Type
  • Tieren Space Type -> Tieren Space Type Commander Type
  • Tieren High Mobility B Type -> Tieren High Mobility B Commander Type
  • GN-X IV-> GN-X IV Commander