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This section is still being built - ideally screenshots with English text overlays will be used. Main menu, in-battle menus, options, etc

Crude Main Menu Translation

At anytime on the main menu, press X to go back to the default option(Green color icon, which is World Tour)

Menu, starting with the default (World Tour) and going down (pressing down on the directional pad)

>s indicate sub-menus, or meaning menus within the previously listed menu item.

World Tour Mode (Green)

Core Mode (Red)

Unit catalog


>>>>>Unit/Pilot/Ship Info

>>>>>Movie Player

>>>>>Demo Battles

>>>>>BGM Character Player Assign Custom BGM here



???? - A name entry screen

???? - Phone password thing




>>>>>Title Screen

Main Garage

>>>>>Manage Garage - Organize all your units and characters


>>>>>>>>>Development (Evolution)

>>>>>>>>>Design (Combination)



>>>>>Custom Characters

>>>>>>>>>>My Characters

>>>>>>>>>>Rental Characters

>>>>>Captured units


In-Battle Menus